In the Modern Warfare 2 game there are a total of four armies including the Task Force 141, the Spetsnaz, The U.S. Army Rangers, and the Op For. Little is know and or realesed about the TF141 but as far as we know General Shepherd commands it's occupants. Where they operate from is also unknown other than in the mission "The Hornets Nest" Nikoli asks, after Gary 'Roach' Sanderson has grabbed hold of the rope ladder, "Where are we headed to my friend". As Captain 'Soap' McTavish replies, "Just take us to the sub." This leads us to believe their central base of operations is a submarine. As for the TF141's members not all of them are regularly shown and most are probably just regular soldiers. Despite the TF141's appearance in looking like they are almost impossible to kill most of it's members are never seen but in 1 or 2 missions hinting in that they are acctually fairly easy to kill.